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Samsung UN60D8000 Black Friday Deals

Samsung UN60D8000 Black Friday

Samsung UN60D8000 60-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D LED HDTV (Silver)

Description : Samsung UN60D8000 Black Friday

Samsung's best Smart TV advances the art of entertainment. For the ultimate TV enthusiasts, incredible picture quality and advanced connectivity are just the first step; the Samsung UN60D8000LED TV goes a step beyond, adding one of the world's most innovative designs to the formula. The Samsung One Design bezel is only .2" - as slender as they come - for a visual impression of “more screen, less frame." It's on that commanding60-inch screen that you'll enjoy entire online world into your living room - Samsung Smart TV puts the web, a wide range of apps and more connectivity services all on your TV. And Samsung's cinema-quality 3D technology delivers the incredible depth and clarity of 3D movie titles and TV programming.

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Black Friday Samsung UN55D8000 Best Price Reviews

Samsung UN55D8000 Black Friday : Features

3D in HD
Enter a new dimension in TV and Home Entertainment with Samsung 3D TV. Experience cinematic-quality 3D entertainment in the comfort of your living room. Samsung 3D is a truly immersive viewing experience, with the power to fill your room with images you can almost touch. Connect to a Blu-ray 3D Player to play 3D titles or intensify your viewing experience by upconverting regular 2D content to immersive 3D.
Two pairs of active rechargeable 3D glasses are included to get you started. Samsung's active glasses are lightweight and comfortable, and will fit right over your prescription glasses.
Smart TV with Samsung Apps
Connect with Samsung Smart TV for a wealth of added entertainment options. The Samsung UN55D8000 Black Friday features Samsung's Smart Hub, a simple menu system for connected features. Easily search for movies, shows and videos via online services and across connected devices, browse the web from your television, chat with friends, and access a wide variety of apps from Samsung Apps.
Samsung Apps is a growing collection of apps specifically built for your TV, connecting you to your favorite digital content like videos, sports, games, social networking, and much more. With web-connected apps on your Samsung Smart TV, you can stream movies from Netflix or Blockbuster, TV shows from Hulu, videos from YouTube, Next Level sports information from ESPN, music from, Pandora and view updates on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. The apps that matter to you, now available on your TV.
Also included with the UN55D8000 is a QWERTY Remote Control for easy typing of search terms, Twitter updates, etc.
Skype on Samsung TV
Enjoy the convenience and connectivity of free, IP-based, picture-in-picture video calls via Skype, right from your couch. Skype is nice on a 15-inch laptop, but it's a whole new experience on a display this size.
Built-in WiFi
Access all your Smart TV features or DLNA network content without the need for a wired connection or add-on device. The UN55D8000 has Wi-Fi connectivity right out of the box.
ConnectShare Movie
Connect a thumb drive or digital camera quickly and easily via one of the UN55D8000's USB ports. An intuitive, user-friendly interface allows access to videos, music, or pictures via the remote.
AllShare DLNA Networking
For even more entertainment options, the UN55D8000 lets you connect to your home network and stream music, videos, and photos from other DLNA Certified devices (your computer, network storage drive, etc.).
Ultra Clear Panel
Absorbing ambient light, Samsung's Ultra Clear Panel eliminates reflections, boosts contrast ratio, and creates a comfortable viewing environment. Enjoy crisp image details, natural skin tones, excellent shadow detail, and vibrant colors.

Samsung UN55D8000 Black Friday : Description

The Samsung UND8000 Black Friday series has a unique, visually stunning design that minimizes the frame around the screen for a nearly all-picture look. It produces deep black levels with accurate color, along with excellent video processing and improved 3D picture quality. The Smart Hub Internet portal boasts more apps and streaming services than the competition, along with a functional Web browser, and is easier to use thanks to the included dual-sided Bluetooth keyboard with a screen and QWERTY keyboard.

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Samsung UN55D7900 Black Friday Reviews

If you are looking for the ultimate TV, the Samsung UN55D7900 may be it. Forward thinking software, quick refresh rates, and stellar design combine to make this HDTV a contender for a long time.


Your friends and family will be suitably impressed by the UN55D7900’s Full 1080p screen- the level of detail and clarity in this picture is a game changer. This 55-inch LED 3D HDTV is driven by powerful 240HZ Auto Motion Plus with Clear Motion Rate. This system, exclusive to Samsung, examines the data in a video stream and then calculates what an extra frame would look like in between existing frames, and then inserts that information. The result is the clearest on screen motion on the market.
Micro Dimming Plus is the D7900’s LED picture contrast control technology. It delivers deep black levels and bright whites, while eradicating the “halo” effect and distorted images associated with diffused light. Ultra Clear Panel reduces reflections while enhancing crisp image details and natural skin tones. Shadow detail and color vibrancy are heightened due to the amazing 25,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio.


The Samsung UN55D7900 is one of the first manufactured using Samsung’s exclusive “One Design” which takes the screen almost to the edge of the cabinet. The brushed metal “Ultra Thin” bezel and frame almost disappear along with the minimalist Quad Stand as the picture seems to float in mid air.
With an LED, engineers can produce very thin profiles–Samsung took advantage of this—the UN55D7900 is just over an inch deep from the side. The company developed a special dual-injection mold technology to create the award-winning transparent edge design.


There are a few things to check when setting up the UN55D7900.
• If you have connected devices (Blu-ray devices, game consoles, cable and satellite boxes) make sure you configure them to output to 1080p. If they are currently set to 720p, the image will be compromised.
• When possible, use HDMI cables to connect external devices to the TV. The throughput is better than component cables or composite video cables – HDMI is made to deliver audio and video over one cable.
• Also, check for a firmware update from Samsung. Manufacturers are regularly updating their firmware now – making sure it is updated will make the UN55D7900 perform better. You should be able to do this automatically over the internet.


Scary movies are great – they let you grip your soda can so tight you accidently crush it. And, they are great at testing the black levels on Samsung UN55D7900. We played “Final Destination 3D”, a story of a guy that has premonitions on how people meet their doom. The overall color scheme is bluish-black and is reproduced faithfully due to Samsung’s Micro-Dimming technology, which provides more precise, localized control of the LED backlight.
As you can imagine, several people meet their demise in dramatic fashion, all the more terrifying in 3D. The black levels are rich and deep while the rest of the color spectrum is clear and crisp. This is partly due to the UN55D7900’s Wide Color Enhancer Pro. This new technology stretches out each pixel on screen to radiate a bolder, brighter color display with heightened luminosity and sharp details.
The 2D to 3D up-conversion works well with most of the video we tested. It doesn’t look like full 3D, of course, but it does add extra depth that makes it more interesting. You can adjust the amount of “3D effect” via the menu system.
Some complaints have surfaced about larger format HDTV’s like the D7900 using up so a lot of energy. The truth is actually the opposite—Samsung has led the way in green manufacturing—all Samsung HDTV’s are much more efficient than the exact same (or similar) model from 2009. All models exceed Energy Star standards. Samsung LED TV Black Friday


Half of the terror of scary movies comes from the spectacular sound. “Final Destination 3D” did not disappoint on this score—likely the studios know that horror fans love jump scares and room-rattling explosions.
The Samsung UN55D7900 Black Friday has Dolby Digital Plus as well as SRS Theater Sound HD providing the crisp sound coming out of the two 15-watt speakers. Multi Channel Sound is supported as is second audio programming (SAP) with 181-channel capacity.
For those seeking a more wholesome sound experience, consider the Yamaha YSP-5100BL. It uses Yamaha’s Digital Sound Projector technology that uses multiple beams to get the ultimate surround sound experience. No other receiver, amplifier, or speakers are necessary.

Additional Features

Like other Samsung products, the UN55D7900 is part of the company’s “Smarter Life” push. Smart Hub is a new high tech menu system with AllShare that essentially turns your HDTV into a web-enabled gateway. It lets you search for content from your own collections as well as on-line sites at the same time. Using DLNA connectivity, you can connect your movies, music and videos seamlessly via an HDMI cable or wireless connection.
Apps, apps are everywhere— the Samsung UN55D7900 Black Friday gives you the first built-in web browser of any HDTV. You also get popular services like NetFlix, Twitter, Facebook, ESPN, Hulu, and Skype. Surfing is much easier with the full QWERTY keyboard—at this writing you must redeem it separately and they are backordered several weeks. Still, getting the web instantly on your TV is a major step in TV-Internet convergence.


The UN55D7900 has a full complement of connections: 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB (2.0) ports, 1 PC Input, 2 Component Video inputs, 2 Component Audio inputs, 1 Digital input, and 1 PC Audio input. To conserve space, Samsung opted for mini-jacks in several of the ports—you have to use supplied adapters to hook up some cables.


Like its competitors, Samsung is producing more HDTV’s this year than ever. Their “Smarter Life” initiative reflects consumer desire to have access to the apps and services they use every day. Upon seeing the Samsung UN55D7900’s remarkable design and gorgeous picture, most viewers would agree Samsung has a hit on its hands. With a built-in browser and great 3D, this could be an early summer blockbuster. Refer to

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New Model Samsung LED TV - UN65D8000 Reviews For Black Friday

The good: The Samsung UND8000 series has a unique, visually stunning design that minimizes the frame around the screen for a nearly all-picture look. It produces deep black levels with accurate color, along with excellent video processing and improved 3D picture quality. The Smart Hub Internet portal boasts more apps and streaming services than the competition, along with a functional Web browser, and is easier to use thanks to the included dual-sided Bluetooth keyboard with a screen and QWERTY keyboard.

The bad: The UND8000 series is extremely expensive and exhibits poor screen uniformity with excessive brightness variation and banding. Details in shadows were obscured somewhat, and the glossy screen reflects a lot of ambient light. Smart Hub lacks Amazon Instant, its search is next to useless, and its interface can be cluttered and confusing.

The bottom line: The Samsung UND8000 TV delivers best-in-class looks and features, but its picture quality--thanks to uneven screen uniformity--is ultimately not as good as that of many less expensive models.

The Samsung UND8000 LED-based LCD TV shows the company's considerable technological know-how being brought to bear on a simple design goal: to make the "TV" itself disappear as much as possible when turned on, leaving nothing but the picture. The design is a spectacular success, conveying a look in person that will command attention and be worth the exceedingly high price to a certain subset of buyers with cash to burn. And despite its compact dimensions the UND8000 also manages to squeeze in more features than just about any TV we've ever reviewed.

Another subset of buyers, however, will have a hard time overlooking its principal picture-quality flaw. Its screen lacks the brightness and color uniformity required for peak performance, apparently a casualty of that awesome design. At base, the UND8000 represents a simple choice between a quality picture and the best design and features. We think that the entire set of people who can afford this TV shouldn't have to make that choice, but for now they do.

Editors' note, July 27, 2011: Samsung ran a promotion earlier this year that guaranteed a free pair of 3D glasses with this TV. In July the company canceled that promotion, so we have modified this review to remove references to the free glasses. Individual retailers may offer similar promotions, however. Click here for more details.

Series information: We performed a hands-on evaluation of the 55-inch Samsung UN55D8000, but this review also applies to the other screen sizes in the series. All sizes have identical specs and according to the manufacturer should provide very similar picture quality.

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LED TV Reviews

Your current TV works just fine, so why replace it? Let's start with contrast ratio. Standard LCD TVs aren’t known for excellent contrast ratios since they use cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) which can’t be turned off while in use. This means they can’t produce rich dark images because there is always light on the screen.

Anything slimmer than a standard cathode-ray tube (CRT) television used to be considered a slim TV. Today it seems anything over 4 inches thick is unacceptable. LED backlit TVs allow the manufacturers to produce TVs that are slimmer than ever before. With an LED TV, it is finally possible to hang your TV on the wall and actually have it look like a picture.

LED TVs such as the Samsung UN65D8000, Samsung UN55C8000, or LG 55LW6500 offer brighter pictures and a better contrast ratio because of local dimming. The result is a slimmer TV that produces vibrant colors. Everything that you watch on an LED TV will look better than your old TV because of the new LED lights that are used to produce the image. From video games to chick flicks, you will see detail that has been there all along but was simply blurred or could not be produced on a standard LCD TV.

LED TV: What to Look For

Buying an LED TV is no small purchase. It's important to know what to look for when shopping for a new TV. Your TV says a lot about who you are, so having an out-of-date television can give the wrong impression. It is the most visible piece of your home theater system and the only part that you actually see during a movie. While it is turned off it is very much a piece of your room’s d├ęcor, so slim design and a nice finish are essential. It is wise to consider these and other factors when selecting a new LED TV.
Look for an LED TV with local dimming because, as with all electronics, not all TVs are created equally. The best LED TVs will actually be able to dim the backlight in dark portions of a movie, resulting in greater detail and contrast. LED backlights allow the TV to be built to a slimmer standard. This is especially important when mounting the TV to a wall, which is probably the most popular way to mount a TV.
Look for a TV with a fast refresh rate. Standard TVs refresh at 60Hz, and the best LED TVs refresh at 240Hz or faster. You will also want to look for a TV with a response time of 3ms or faster. This will make those quick movements less blurry and improve gaming, sports and action movies. Because of the LED backlighting you will find TVs with a contrast ratio of up to 10,000,000:1, which is far beyond that of any LCD TV on the market.
Most high-end LED TVs will have at least four HDMI inputs as well as an Ethernet port, PC input and other standard component video inputs. Some may even include Wi-Fi or have a memory card slot for quick picture viewing.
Help & Support
Whenever you purchase anything online you will want to make sure the company offers plenty of help and support. Most companies will have a phone number, email, live chat, FAQs and even online manuals in case you lose the one that comes with your TV. Response times should be quick, and the person helping you should know the answers to your questions.

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